Grow your restaurant without breaking the bank

Host our exciting mobile game "I Feel Lucky" where your patrons can win food, prizes, and up to $1,000 instantly.

We promote the game and increase your sales

We do the heavy lifting - not the restaurant owner

Our advertisers cover the costs for prizes and cash awards

We also invite you to:

Turn your tables into powerful profit-making assets

Plain table without ads

Beautiful table with ads

Most restaurant owners have invested in outdoor signage but lack indoor branding.

You have 40 - 60 minutes to promote:​

Match your decor

We go around the neighborhood and promote your brand

We partner with restaurant owners that care about their fellow business owners.

We place a limited number of local business ads on the tables to offset the production costs so the tables are free to you.

Our ads are very affordable for business owners with limited advertising budgets.

Everyone Wins !!!

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